VOXXLife HPT (Human Performance Technology) is a scientifically proven concept that can literally change the brainstem through remapping  neuro-receptors located in the bottoms of the feet.  It is a simple way to help adults and children by just wearing these special socks or insoles that have a technology embedded in them that the balls of the feet lie on when wearing them.  They work with the peripheral (PNS) and central (CNS) nervous systems, don't interfere with other modalities, and can be used by anyone, including pregnant women.

How does this work?

Sensory Division of the PNS brings information from the receptors to the Brain Stem and CNS.  Brain Stem and CNS process, integrate and distribute information and comments based on the information of the receptors. The PNS commands from the CNS and Brain Stem to the  Somatic Nervous System (SoNS) and the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) triggering control and responses in various functions.  Such as, the Vestibular System, Balance, Spatial Orientation, Proprioceptors, Respiratory control, Motor control in posture, Heart rate regulation, Skeletal Muscles control, Flight or fight, Reaction times, and Pain regulation.  Users see improvements in Balance, Stability, Power, Stamina, Reaction time, Pain relief, Energy, Recovery time, Posture, and better brain function in thinking. 

EVERYONE in your family, or practice, can benefit from simply wearing these socks or insoles. 

Please visit my site for business opportunities, or fund-raising options for non-profits, at wholesale pricing, a 25% product margin.  If you prefer, you can simply purchase the products at retail pricing, either from my website, or contact me personally.

If you are a licensed medical professional, there is a dedicated website that provides all the resources, tools and information you need to educate staff and easily implement the program at your practice.  There are also monthly Practitioner calls led by medical practitioners that cover a wide range of topics to help support you.  You will receive a 50% product margin.


PEMF Home Therapies

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapies mimic the Earth's electromagnetic fields. It supports the body's natural healing ability. It improves circulation and cell metabolism, relieves pain, and strengthens muscles and bones. It has been helpful in treating PTSD, stress, respiratory problems, depression and anxiety, neurological disorders, insomnia, and more.  It is based on more than 30 years of scientific research and is used by thousands of therapists and doctors.  

Now, you can purchase a home version and treat yourself and your family, daily.  There may be some restrictions for some, and this is not meant to replace your doctor's medical advice, for your situation.  It is a tool that may help to give you better quality of life, and greater health and well-being.  Full body pad suggested.

Animals have benefited from using this, as well.  PEMF Supply has equipment designed for race horses, keeping them in optimal shape, and reduce recovery time, after racing.  In 1979, the FDA approved of PEMF in the USA to heal injured horses. 

Click on the link below for further information, and purchases. 

You can only benefit with better health!