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Full length Jade Vitality Heating pad

Jade Vitality Far-Infrared heating pads

Provides a safe, deep penetrating therapy to relieve pain, increase circulation, and restore movement using healthy heat. From its digital temperature control (up to 159 degrees) and timer, in 15 minute intervals, generous cord length, and premium smooth stones, the Jade Vitality pads (in full body length, or wraps that can be applied to single areas of the body), they are designed for years of use.  

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What is Healthy Heat?

Far-infrared (FIR) heat is the visible part of the sun's spectrum that provides warmth - not to be confused with ultraviolet light, which can damage your skin.  FIR is the safest form of energy that is directly transmitted into objects because of its' specific wavelength.  Not only can it do what is listed above, but studies have shown that it can have global effects on the body, such as decreasing inflammation, improve sleep, and possibly have cardiovascular benefits.  

No unsafe EMFs

Most electric heating pads produce electromagnetic radiation with the heat.  (Do not confuse this with the PEMF - Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field therapies - which is good for you.)  EMFs with prolonged contact can cause negative effects.  (Refer to my article on LinkedIn - PEMFs vs (harmful) EMFs.)

Negative Ions for Positive Results

Negative ions are invisible molecules in the air.  They are naturally produced in abundance by waterfalls, beaches, and elevated areas, like mountain tops.  When inhaled, these negative ions have been shown to improve moods, combat depression, and boost energy.  Since most of us seem to live or work indoors, we are breathing tired and stale air.  The Jade Vitality heating pads help restore the air by producing negative ions in great abundance using the natural properties of the heated stones.

How do Jade Vitality pads provide these benefits?

Jade has been a valued resource since prehistoric times for its' beauty and healing properties. The jade stones in these heating pads provide an even and uniformed heat with deep penetrating FIR energy to bring you relief via polished, jade discs.

The pads also include Tourmaline stones.  Tourmaline has a unique ability to generate high concentrations of negative ions when heated.  These tourmaline-infused ceramic discs improve the effects of infrared heat and contribute to your overall health and well-being. 

One customer commented how she uses her full length pad to create her own "sauna" at home.  She turns the pad up as high as she can stand, covers the pad with a beach towel (to catch her sweating), covers her body with a blanket, and stays in there for as long as she can stand, or sweats.

Please be sure before you try this, that you have ok'd using high heat on your body with your doctor, and that for any other reason, you can be safe using heat.  It is better to start at a lower temperature first, than a higher one.  This product is never meant to oppose the advice of your doctor, or treat any medical condition where heat is not an option.  This is not a suggested use for pregnant women, or children.  No claims are made that this is meant to treat any medical condition. Use at your own risk and discretion.