Liam's experience wearing VOXX Life HPT

Liam is a 9-1/2 year old boy who deals with epileptic seizures and ADHD.  He is the grandson of an acupuncture client of mine.  Liam has been on medications for his conditions.  He has not always engaged in activities, seemed to not have imagination. or know how to pretend, while playing.  He also exhibited not much of an appetite - no interest in food.

Liam has been wearing the VOXX socks, and has recently included insoles.  Within that first week, Liam has shown interest in eating and has added breakfast to his day.  He has included foods that he was not interested in before wearing the socks.   He has shown more interest and focus in several areas, at home and in school.  His curiosity in things has spiked, and he is able to stay attentive without being distracted.  He is more interested in things like puzzles, and can stay focused on them and finish them himself.  He talks to his mom about events at school, which he hardly ever did.  His younger brother had to SHOW Liam how to pretend while playing, in the past, but Liam can do this on his own, now.  He has become more interactive with people, and shows a genuine interest in them.

His mother states that it appears Liam is "waking up" and is more creative, focused, and interested in the world around him.  All since wearing the VOXX socks and insoles, which is working with the neuro-receptors in the bottoms of the feet, giving the brain about a 30% increase in power.  WOW!

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