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Acupuncture/Laser Acupuncture/ Colorpuncture:

90 minutes = $110.00, plus tax - 

required for first session

60 minutes = $85.00, plus tax - 

Packages available after first session:

5 sessions+ = $400.00, plus tax 

10 sessions++ = $770.00, plus tax

Relaxation Massage:

60 minutes = $85.00, plus tax* 

Add $10.00 for Aromatherapy

*Qualifies for package discount

Hot Stone Massage:

90 minutes = $110.00, plus tax

Add $10.00 for Aromatherapy

Facial/Neck Imaging:

Consultation required.

Package of three sessions+

 $450.00, plus tax

Lipo Laser:

Consultation required.

Package of three sessions++, for one area of the body 

 $897.00, plus tax

Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture:

Package of 11 sessions+++, 

Consultation required.

 $1,870.00, plus tax 


30 minute session = $40.00, plus tax

90 minute session = $110.00, plus tax

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Auricular acupuncture:

30 minute sessions+, bi-weekly = 

10/$400.00, plus tax.

Customized sessions and packages:

Pricing determined by the options chosen.

Motor  Vehicle Accidents (MVA):  treatments billed directly to your  insurance company.  Please call for details.  Open claims, only.

+ = one free gift ( spend $125 - $499)

++ = two free gifts (spend $500 - $999)

+++ = three free gifts (spend $1000+)




 VOXX Life HPT socks, insoles, and skin patches*:

Fund raising options, available. 

Contact me for a demonstration, and receive a free patch.

PEMF therapy at home*:

Jade Vitality Heating Pads*:

Click on 'store' tab.


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*VOXX Life HPT, PEMF therapies, Jade Vitality heating pads, or other alternative therapies are not meant to treat any medical condition, or replace the advice of your doctor.  They are simply presented to you, at your own risk, to possibly enhance the benefits of your health and well-being.  No claims are made that they will cure any condition.  

So, just as eye glasses will help you see better, they will not cure your eye condition - but they do make your life better,  healthier and happier.


Purchase gift certificates, in any amount, used towards any service. 

Most popular is the $110 gift certificate, which will cover the cost of a first time acupuncture appointment, or a 90 minute massage, but it can be used towards any of the service packages.  No cash returned if used for a 60 minute appointment.

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Intimate Cosmetic Services

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