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About Mary

Mary has a Master’s degree in the ancient ways of Oriental Medicine and has been a student of eastern ways and healing techniques for over 30 years.  She is certified in Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture, Laser Acupuncture, Esogetic Cosmetic Colorpuncture, and is an Esthetician.  She uses ancient techniques coupled with advanced technologies to offer her clients customized sessions in order to look and feel better, inside and out.
Customized Facial Rejuvenation can be applied using a variety of techniques, such as, acupuncture needles, laser acupuncture, radio frequency, colorpuncture, microcurrent, microneedling, and/or facials.  BodySculpting may use Ultrasonic Cavitation to implode stubborn  pockets of fat from the abdomen, buttocks, under arms, thighs, and love handles. In addition, these sessions offer technologies that help tighten sagging skin where fat has been dissolved.


Mary has over 28 years of experience of running her own unique private practice to help individuals to organically and naturally beautify their looks, and feel emotionally and physically better about themselves.



A note from Mary:


“My original introduction to the Eastern way of  thinking was when I was 20 years old. I was a student inTae Kwon Do and had attained my green belt.  I became pregnant which put a hold on my training.  After being rear-ended in a car accident while pregnant, I was left with some serious challenges for the next several years; a neck whiplash and my leg had been twisted between the door and the car seat which did damage to my right leg and knee.  The massage treatments I received were a blessing and I was enthralled at how effectively they worked.  I decided to attend a  professional massage school that also taught foot reflexology.  I was enamored by the relief I received from massage, and  sought out additional teachings in similar ideas.  Eventually, I taught it, as well. I had gone back to practicing Tae Kwon Do 10 years later and obtained my Purple Belt, but the torn cartilage in my right knee, coupled with an over stretched ligament prevented me from further training, so I was forced to quit.  I attended course work in BodyMind Clearing and was introduced to the Chinese 5 Element theory.  I jumped on board and I fell in love with the Eastern way of healing. 

I had been working at a full-time position for a large company, and doing the massage and reflexology I loved, part-time.  As fate would have it, everyone was laid off, and things started lining up for me.  The company I worked for closed the building I was in.  Fortunately, they offered a benefit to re-educate in a field of our choosing, and it was my greatest opportunity to continue in my studies in Oriental Medicine. 

I didn’t think I could, but I fell even further in love with my vocation in Oriental Medicine and have continued on this journey of light and healing the body in a natural, non-evasive way.  My Colorpuncture training further enhances my work with Qi and meridian therapies, using light, color, and crystals. 
I feel so excited to be a part of this time and to be able to offer my clients safe, natural and effective ways of feeling better, looking better and bringing out the best in themselves.” 


Mary E.K. Denison,
L.Ac., M.Om, NCCAOM, CCP, Esthetician 


 Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine (MIAHS/MCOAM @ NWHSU)

Certified in Esogetic Colorpuncture

Certified in Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture
Certified in Laser Acupuncture

Associate’s Degree in Science (No. Hennepin)
Empire Beauty School, Bloomington, MN

(Plus many other certifications and classes)
Alternative Health History

 Private Practice – Minneapolis, MN 1986 to current

Rapha-El Alternative Therapies, LLC
dba BeautifyNaturally Facial Rejuvenation and BodySculpting

Sam Hwa Acupuncture Clinic – Minneapolis, MN 1997-99

Apprentice to Dr. Chae Hong Park 


Aliveness Project, Minneapolis, MN 1999-2005



Sister Rosalind’s Professional Massage School, West St Paul and Rochester, MN 2001-2005

Teacher: Massage and Acupressure/Intro to Oriental Medicine


Professional Associations

NCCAOM – National Commission of Certification for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

AOMAM – Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Association of MN





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